Car Taxi Mini Bus Truck/Bus
Monthly Price K250 K300 K350 K400
Real-time monitoring YES YES YES YES
Remote Power Cut Off YES YES YES YES
Support SMS/ GPRS/Internet YES YES YES YES
Contract Duration
(12 Months Contract)
(12 Months Contract)
(12 Months Contract)
(12 Months Contract)
GPS Tracker Software YES YES YES YES
  • Real Time Monitoring

  • Speed Limit Warning

  • Remote Power Cut Off

  • PC or Smart Phone Monitor


Real-time GPS tracking allows you to know for sure where your vehicles, assets and family members are, up to the minute. From fleet GPS tracking to personal GPS tracking devices, these live tracking tools can be as small as a USB flash drive, perfect for covert car tracking or dropping in a backpack. Real-time GPS tracking devices can also be hardwired to a car's power source for unlimited battery life.

A car tracker for parents can allow parents to know for sure that new teen drivers are driving responsibly. View your live tracking results from any computer or smartphone through TalkTime Multimedia's exclusive GPS platform. If you're looking for after-the-fact location information, TalkTime Multimedia offers a variety of GPS tracking devices that will give you the information you need with minimal monthly GPS fees. Increase your bottom line profits by identifying and correcting hidden "soft expenses" associated your companies vehicles and personnel. We put a virtual manager in every vehicle, one that works for you every day. You will be empowered to verify employee productivity and maintain your fleet with powerful tools and reporting that will give you the insight for effective decision making that ultimately increase your bottom line profits and efficiency of your overall operation.

Through TalkTime Multimedia's exclusive GPS monitoring platform, you're able to take full control of your real-time GPS tracking device. Set up geofence alerts to receive text or email notifications the moment the trackers exits or enters a certain area; perfect for monitoring a company vehicle if it goes off course. You'll also receive speed alerts notifying you the moment the real-time GPS tracker exceeds a certain speed. Ensure that your son or driver isn't abusing your trust by speeding in your car.

No matter what real-time GPS tracking device you choose, you'll get all of these features and more, accessible directly on your smartphone or PC.


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