Pages/Type Advance Total Duration
Basic 4 Pages K250 K500 3 Days
Standard 10 Pages K750 K1500 5 Days
Advanced 20 Pages K1250 K2500 7 Days
E-commerce 30 Pages K1750 K3500 10 Days
Custom As Quoted 50% As Quoted As Projected
Android Apps
Mobile App
As Quoted
As Projected
iOS Mobile App 50% As Quoted As Projected
  • Fast Designs - Within 72hrs

  • Intelligent & Objective

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

  • Clear Message Projection


Every layout is designed by TalkTime Multimedia, so you can expect the highest quality. You will receive your layout within 72 hours of order placement (if no backorders exist). Project communication is made easy with our custom client control panel and via email. Optional discounted logo design is included in the final price.

We strongly believe in the following four priciples that guide us in every project that we undertake for our clients:

1. Intelligent Design: Every element of your application or website's design must have a logical purpose.
2. Usability: No confusion or hesitation, your aplication or website must have a clear path that everyone understands for easy communication of your services or products.
3. Professional Design: Your application or website must be aesthetically pleasing to every audience regardless of niche.
4. Goal Oriented: Every application or website has a purpose; your application or website must get your visitors to your objective.

By choosing TalkTime Multimedia as your aplication or website designers, you are choosing a highly reputable and reliable partner. Our software design team is motivated to complete each project within 72hrs and as such, will work with you closely to get the project completed within your desired duration.

Many customers show us an application or a website and ask: "Can you build me something like this?" Of course we can. However, we would rather build you something unique that reflects your company. We would like someone to show your new website or application to a designer and ask: "Can you build me something like this?"

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